Saturday, May 28, 2016

Internet Security - Passwords’ Way into a Life

Internet account security and weak passwords are all too common when causes to cyber incidents are investigated.  The ease of use of one’s birthdate, anniversary, and the incredibly savvy use of ‘admin’ or ‘password’, not to mention ‘12345,’ has gotten many in a serious predicament.  Not following through on login processes and seeking shortcuts has also made vulnerability more pronounced in our media news about hacking incidents.  The complication to this malady in our common use of the internet and internet of things is that users want to enjoy the technology and the access it gives, but the potential of access users are actually giving the would-be hacker is enormous.

Advising clients to keep different passwords for every account is received as if I am asking them to pull their own molar with a plyer – though they may have imagined that I suggested taking Tequila with the pull-out. The password is actually the gateway to the internet user’s life.  Think about it.  To enhance security and privacy online think of the following.  Stronger the password the more protection.  The longer the character sequence the better.  The least predictable quip, statement, or just characters the better.  The silliest and most remote answers from your actual predictable mundane life will make it tougher for hackers to depict from your profile; yes, and I do mean the predictable, always updated profile many are proud of and social media sites and advertisers love.

The life of the internet user has a profile that is continuously being built unbeknownst by the user.  There is the profile that the user creates every time the internet user opens and online account or posts an update on social media.  There is also the profile that is being created by law enforcement and government agencies, and of course by your garden variety hacker wanting to get into your bank account or seize control of your company’s trade secrets, or just employ the every so popular ransomware threat.

Having one password apply to a number of personal accounts is seriously not a smart thing to do.  Having a hidden notebook with selected passwords that can be easily accessed is actually a smart thing to do.  Storing passwords in your mobile device is also not bright.  Keeping your passwords in an unprotected computer file is as well asking for problems.  Labeling the file that has your passwords “Password File” is tantamount to leaving your automobile unlocked.

As users navigate the web daily for pleasure or work, communing with the unknown, sharing life’s joys, or being a participant in the online market place, please think!  Use passwords and select them wisely.  Be creative with your verification questions and their answers.  Remember that there is more than one profile floating around the web and it may be what you do not know about.  The internet may show more about you than you care to know about yourself.

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