Friday, November 27, 2015

Cross Device Tracking

The Federal Trade Commission has noted that cross device tracking which is a consequence of the Internet of Things (IoT) falls essentially within its auspices.  Considering the concerns with transparency and the required notices to consumers, cross device tracking is just not getting attention for purposes of enhancing consumer protection.  The advertising industry representatives as well are providing their input regarding the benefits of cross device tracking.
It is important to note that the beneficiaries of CDT are garnered by consumers as well as content providers, advertisers, and government.  While the attention initially highlights the benefits of the shared essence of the data information generated by the devices, the FTC emphasizes the need for consumer awareness and appropriate notices in order for consumers to have control over the information that is being tracked across devices via the internet.
While the advertising industry is seeking to set standards and be proactive in setting guidelines, its technology counterparts are attending to caps on frequencies, seamless data exchanges in order to maintain and enhance consumer use and their experience.  The technological counterparts are also focusing on continued innovation and how consumers realize the educational benefit.  The FTC’s efforts to address consumer vulnerabilities with the IoTs noting their attention over consumer privacy, lack of transparency, appropriate informed notices, and the cross device tracking of data, will highlight the challenges ahead to innovation and enhancing consumer safety, knowledge, and experience.

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