Friday, September 4, 2015

Privacy Efforts and Balancing the Use of Encryption

Privacy Efforts and the Use of Encryption

There is no perfect security. However, companies storing and collecting data are obliged to focus on higher protection levels. End user controls are receiving greater attention as events increase in frequency. The unfortunate aspect is the prevalence of naiveté about security among users of smartphones, laptops, tablets, and cloud applications.
Few are aware of how much personal information is actually transmitted by every attempt to download programs or connect a device. The functional use of a smartphone in line with apps and devices enhance the amount of available information about the user’s personal life.
The end user’s protections and utilization of encryption are useful and needed. While some argue for this effort, law enforcement investigative efforts would be hampered. The balance between enhancing security and allowing law enforcement ‘exceptional access’ should be considered with an eye towards what weaknesses would then arise that would defeat end user and encryption security efforts.
The burden of security will begin to broaden as people become savvier about their own security and their interactions making their personal information more vulnerable read more

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