Thursday, July 30, 2015

Internet Privacy Law - Real Name Use in Social Media

Internet Privacy Rights

A longstanding policy has been successfully challenged in Germany, where Facebook’s real name policy was a must.  Germany disagreed with the policy in that they view that it violated users’ privacy.

Facebook also argued a jurisdictional point raising that Irish law should weigh in on this because Facebook European offices are headquartered in Ireland, but data protection commissioner in Hamburg Germany disagreed.  The data protection commissioner held that Facebook operating in Germany with German citizens must abide by their privacy regulations.

The decision prevents Facebook from changing users’ usernames to actual name. The decision prohibits the request for official ID upon subscription.  The case was filed after a subscriber used a pseudonym and Facebook blocked it and changed it to the user’s name.

Facebook argued unsuccessfully that safety is ensured in social media if the users know who they are interacting with on the web.  However, privacy interests prevailed when safety is factored in.

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